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These books written by Kate Kelley Schneider, "25 Mindfulness Techniques for Coaches to Get Their Athletes in Flow and Their Teams in Tune" and "25 Mindfulness Techniques for Athletes to Achieve Peak Performance," offer comprehensive guides to integrating mindfulness into sports coaching and athletic performance.

For Coaches
Give your players the edge by incorporating some proven mindfulness practice into the gameplan.
Learn the tools and techniques to:
Hone breathwork skills to ward off stress-response
Sharpen visualization ability to make pressure moments more ‘familiar’
Tap into the grounding power of the five senses
Organize the brain’s feedback loop into performance enhancing pathways
Achieve greater team chemistry
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For Athletes
Learn the skills to perform the way you want.
Learn the tools and techniques to:
Refine breathwork techniques to manage stress responses effectively.
Enhance visualization skills to acclimate to pressure situations.
Utilize the grounding influence of the five senses.
Re-structure your brain's feedback loop mechanism to enhance performance.
Achieve greater team leadership skills
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meet the Author


As a coach’s daughter, psychotherapist, and lifetime athlete, Kate has a passion for helping coaches and their teams reach their full potential. With a background in sports consulting and mental health counseling, she has the experience and knowledge to back her proven techniques for increasing mental toughness in the world of elite athletes.

Whether you are a coach, an athlete or simply seeking to improve your mindset and confidence, within these pages, Kate has offered up the tools and experience to help you succeed. With her winning combination of sports knowledge and therapeutic expertise, Kate offers practical strategies and insights to help coaches create successful programs and empower athletes to achieve their full potential.

This book is so easy to read and gets straight to the point. The tips provided are helpful in sports and life in general. The resource images are also beneficial to those who need visual references.
Christina B
Amazon Customer

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Written by Sports Mindset Coach Kate Kelly-Schneider, this #1 Amazon release is a game changer for athletes and teams at any competition level.